Meet The Ink Brigade Crew!

Having happy employees that enjoy working at Ink Brigade is a key part of making great products for our customers.
We appreciate and take good care of all our employees. It’s these people right here that are Ink Brigade. We couldn’t do it with out them!

Don’t let her charming phone voice fool you. Jen loves Slayer and Black Sabbath!
CarrieOffice Manager
Sailor, hiker, guitar player, and former ballerina, Carrie does it all. She does just about everything at Ink Brigade too!
JohnProduction Manager
Like his days as a music teacher, John spends his time helping and teaching to others kick ass.
Giving others the tools they need to be a success is one of the reasons we love John so much.
Fun fact about John, when he was 16 he had a guitar he called the “Heavy Metal Death Machine”
Ryan does an awful Barack Obama impression where he actually sounds like Abraham Lincoln but has no idea.
JonathanScreen Tech
Jonathan really enjoys playing with the pressure washer. He imagines it’s a laser cannon. Blasting ink and emulsion from the pristine screens he makes.
He is also the master of all things ink, and holder of the Pantone book
RobbyPress Operator
Robby may look tough, but he loves all things Harry Potter.
JessePrint Lead
This is Jesse. When we asked him what to put in his bio he told us to give him 10 minutes to think. So we don’t know if he’s making up some sort of fake back story or what. We do know he likes to sing around the shop, went on a diet where he only ate grass, and since he hasn’t gotten back to us after 10 minutes, has an apparent sketchy past we’re not suppose to know about.
ColinQuality Control
Out of all the musicians that work at Ink Brigade, Colin is the only jazz musician. And he’s a damn good one at that!
Networking, servers, phones, and air compressors, if it uses electricity it’s Jamies job to fix or make it work. Also leaf blowing the parking lot.
AllisterShop Sleeper
Allie sleeps all the time. If you come in to pet him he “might” wag his tail, but that’s about it.
BoscoeShop Headbutter
Bosco, most commonly referred to as “The Boss”, is our blind / deaf rescue pug. Since he always wants to know whos around, his morning routine entails head butting the staff in the shins to see whos walking around the office.