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Hi there! A bit about us… Ink Brigade is a Portland, Oregon based screen printing shop, founded in 2009 by husband and wife Jamie McParland and Jennifer Martin.  In addition to screen printing we also offer embroidery, stickers, patches, enamel pins and other custom merch options to our customers nation wide.

Jamie started screen printing back in the early 90s as a punk rock/ BMX kid in the midwest, wrecking his apartments by printing out of his his living room.  He’d print shirts for his bands and for his own clothing line and would get to meet touring bands like members of Nirvana by handing out the shirts he’d printing (see pics of Jamie’s tees below for bragging rights). Jen came on the printing scene much later, in the mid 2000s, after being fascinated by the small printing set up Jamie had in their basement (wisely living room printing was off limits with Jen). Jen then started her own clothing line for a bit as a Etsy seller then transitioned to printing custom shirts for other people and the rest my friends is history.

Along the way we’ve gathered an incredible staff of some of the best folks you’ll ever meet. Some of which have been with us for the better part of a decade.

At Ink Brigade our emphasis is on providing you great customer service and a quality product for whatever your custom merch needs may be. We will help you through the ordering process and can give you input on shirt style, art placement and answer any questions you may have. While we are primarily an online company, we are a small crew with a lot of experience behind the scenes making things happen. Our sales team functions as your project managers, learning the ins and outs of you order and will have many points of contact throughout the process to ensure accuracy. At Ink Brigade we strive for a mix of the efficiency that comes with technology along with a healthy dose of legit old school print shop ethos, an equal mix of hard work and a lot of heart going into each job.

Quality control is A #1. Our screen printing is done on automatic presses to give us the best print consistency possible.  We stretch and retention our screens in house to make sure we are always operating with top notch equipment. We have a multi step approval process for orders to ensure that they come out great every time. In the rare case that it doesn’t, we’ll work with you to make it right.

We support local Portland companies by purchasing our supplies locally whenever possible.

With an emphasis on the environment and personal health, we use environmentally sound products for our setup and cleanup whenever possible instead of harsh chemicals. We also print with water based inks, phthalate free, or phthalate compliant inks for your prints. Besides the health and environmental benefits, this allows us to create a product we can be proud to deliver to you and you can be proud to deliver to your clients.

Lastly we offer free local delivery and free shipping nationwide on most orders.

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