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Kiss Birthday


Now it’s time for decorating, eating all the holiday cookies, celebrating with family, and printing all the shirts of course.

Kiss Birthday2017-01-18T01:50:03-08:00

Happy Birthday!


To this girl, the best, silliest, boss ever. We still think you are the best even thou you are getting old! Have a happy day of birth!

Happy Birthday!2017-01-18T03:39:42-08:00

Happy 4th!


We will be closed though the 4th but will be back in on the 5th all rested and relaxed and ready to kick some screen printing butt! In the meantime here’s a great little tote print we did for Sisters of the Road

Happy 4th!2017-01-18T03:40:31-08:00

Be Seen with Hi-Vis


Need Hi-Vis class 2 or class 3 compliant garments for your crew? We got you covered! We recently printed these sweatshirts with the black along the bottom portion of the garment. They turned out really well and they are perfect for when your are out there getting dirty but need a class 3 visibility garment. We also have access to class 2 high vis shirts!

Contact us for more information and to get your custom printed high vis garments going today: or 503.451.0001.

Be Seen with Hi-Vis2017-01-18T03:41:25-08:00

Design Online!


Our online designer is up and running! If you need tees and don’t have art, this is the tool for you! There are lots of fully created customizable templates for all sorts of things, events, businesses, sports teams etc. Or if you are feeling more adventurous there is plenty of clip art on there to help you make a design from the ground up. Beyond that there are lots of garment styles to choose from. As always hit us up if you have questions! We’re here to help!!!

Design Online!2017-01-18T03:43:19-08:00
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