This is what you see on most store bought shirts this ink creates a durable layer of ink on top of the garment.


  • Long lasting print
  • Bright colors even on dark garments
  • Specialty inks available to achieve almost any look
  • Most versatile


Non-breathable on darker color garments and sometimes lighter colored as well depending on the look you are going for.

The color chart to the left is our stock QCM Ink list.

PMS color list

Water Based


  • No PVC or Phthalates
  • Your print will come out softer than most prints done with Plastisol.
  • Print is breathable
  • Print can be ironed.
* In most cases this service is only available for light colored garments. Will add additional costs to your per-print price

Discharge Printing

We also offer Discharge printing as well as discharge with pigments. Discharge basically strips the color pigment from the shirts, and allows us to either leave the natural color of the shirt exposed as the print, or replace the pigment we took away with a different color pigment.

  • The look of the print as well as the feel of the print. After a couple washes the print really just feels like the rest of the shirt.
  • On dark fabrics this can help the ink colors to “pop” a bit more
  • Also great for vintage or distressed prints
-Exact color can be more difficult to control and are sometimes not as bright. Will add additional costs to your per-print price